Sell Coins Louisiana

Looking to sell come coins in Louisiana? We buy all types of gold and silver coins as well as collectible coins. We are always looking for graded coins from NGC and PCGS. When looking to sell coins in Louisiana there are a few factors to know. First just because a coin is old does not make it rare or collectible. What makes a coin rare is when there was a limited number of coins minted or if it is an error coin. Error coins must be graded by NGC or PCGS to verify that it is in fact an error coin. We also purchase all gold and silver coins.  We are always looking for gold American Eagles, Buffalos, Canadian Maple, Chinese Pandas, and of course South African Krugerrands. Give us a call at 1-800-807-0699 or use our contact form to the left to send us some images to get a quote to sell your coins in Louisiana.